June 30, 2012

Bible Stories

Noah's ark
Have you read the Christian bible from beginning to end? If not, I imagine you feel just a bit guilty about it. Atheist or not, you recognize the massive influence this ancient book has had on Western civilization. It might be good to know what's in it.

If you have read it, you know what a chore it can be. Plenty of atheists will suggest reading it without remembering what a long an unpleasant read it was. If only there was a more enjoyable way to read it.

Jacob Fortin (The Good Atheist) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the publication of what sounds like a fascinating book: Bible Stories.
I think reading the Bible is the most effective way to lose your faith. There is a snag, however. The Bible is not an enjoyable read. It's a stuffy, boring, and confusing mess, which explains why so few people read it. My aim is to change that. I want to make the Bible more accessible for people. I want it to be a funny, sarcastic, and honest look at the stories and claims of this book, without any punches being pulled. It's my belief readers will come to see the Bible for what it really is: a collection of ancient stories, and nothing more.
He's right. Reading the Christian bible is a chore. This sounds like a painless way to get through it, and informing people about its contents is almost certain to create more atheists.

Prior to learning of this project, I had heard of Kickstarter but wasn't particularly familiar with how it worked. You'll see how it is being used here to raise money this project and reward those who contribute at different levels with various perks.

Best of all, this project is off to a great start. With 27 days left, $6,383 of the $10,000 goal has already been raised. Clearly, this is a book that many people want in their collections.

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