June 13, 2012

About the Religious Ads

crazy ChristianAtheist Revolution uses Google AdSense to display some of the ads you see on the blog and in the RSS feed. From time to time, you may see ads that are pro-religious or politically conservative. I typically receive an email or two from readers when this happens. For those not familiar with how AdSense works, it is perfectly understandable that this would seem odd and even counterproductive.

The reason these out-of-place ads appear is that AdSense serves ads automatically. That is, I don't get to approve them before they appear. They are largely based on keywords. So if I write about religion, pro-religious ads may appear. If I write about political issues, political ads appear.

I can block these ads by entering their URL into the AdSense system; however, I have to know the URL in order to do so. That's the other thing about AdSense - ads are targeted so that users rarely see the same ones. I don't visit many Christian blogs or websites, so I rarely see these ads at Atheist Revolution. Readers who do visit such sites frequently are likely to see more of these ads here (and everywhere else).

If you see a particularly egregious example of a pro-religion or conservative ad, please feel free to let me know the URL. I'll definitely have it blocked. But please understand, there is simply no way I can prevent you from ever being exposed to such ads as long as I use AdSense. And right now, AdSense is what pays for my domain.