May 8, 2012

What Would Have Helped You Leave Faith Earlier?

I have a question for the readers who, like me, were raised in a particular religion: What might have helped you abandon religious belief earlier than you did? You were raised religious, and you are now atheists. So my question is what might have helped you make the transition earlier than you did.

I've been thinking about this for myself recently, and I have decided that the most important thing that would have helped me would have been the availability of at least one atheist role model. Just knowing one person who identified as an atheist would have made a big difference. I spent at least a year or two struggling with doubts about my religious beliefs and not knowing that atheism was even an option.

Other things that would have helped me include the availability of atheist-oriented reading material and parental support for questioning my faith. But since I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing as atheism during this time, I think that the availability of an atheist model would have been even more helpful. With that as a starting point, I would have had a better idea of what to explore and what sort of information to seek.

How about you? What would have helped you leave religious belief earlier than you did?

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