May 24, 2012

Religious Extremists Who Want to Ban the Internet

InternetIf you are a religious extremist and someone is doing something of which you do not approve, what do you do about it? You seek to ban whatever they are doing, of course. Don't approve of people buying alcohol on Sundays? Enact "blue laws" to prohibit anyone from doing so. Convinced that letting two loving adults of the same sex marry would somehow affect your own marriage? Pour money into state after state to support bans on same sex marriage.

Gizmodo reports that 40,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews recently gathered at Citi Field in New York to protest against the Internet for over seven hours. Protest against the Internet? Yes, you read that correctly.
Under broiling sun, tens upon tens of thousands were bused in from across state lines, rallying to denounce an existential threat to both their community and the swell name of God himself: the internet.
Religious believers have are increasingly recognizing that the Internet poses a real threat to their ability to brainwash and control younger generations. Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't seen more efforts by religious extremists along these lines.

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