May 4, 2012

Petition President Obama to End National Day of Prayer

PetitionThe Freedom From Religion Foundation has set up an online petition on the White House website, urging President Obama to end the National Day of Prayer. In order to get the petition to Obama, 25,000 electronic signatures are needed by May 31. At the time I am posting this, they only have 2,151. Let's get the word out about this and help them meet their goal.

I know some of you are skeptical that this effort will amount to anything, and I share your skepticism. This White House petition site has been used to get a number of sensible proposals before the Obama administration, only to have them reject them outright. It is easy to imagine that happening yet again. But I don't think that should be an excuse for inaction. We need to keep trying until we succeed. We need to let this and each subsequent administration hear from us until this unconstitutional practice is finally stopped.

For more about what you can do to help, see this post at Secular News Daily.