April 28, 2012

Oppose the War on Women

TNatlWoWhanks to Adam (Daylight Atheism) for letting me know that today is the date set aside for those of us concerned about equality to come together against the war on women. If you visit UniteWomen.org, you can see what is happening in your area.

As Adam points out, American women are under attack by the Christian extremist wing of the Republican Party and there are plenty of excellent reasons why atheists and feminists are ideal allies.
So, what can you do? Make your voice heard! If there's a march near you, join it. If there isn't, call and e-mail your elected representatives. Blog about it, tweet about it, post about it on Facebook and whatever social sites you belong to. Let the churches and the politicians hear from you; send them the message that the Dark Ages are over, and we aren't going back. The world is a far better place when women have equal rights and all children are wanted. The religious crusaders ought to hear that when they try to deprive us of that, all they'll succeed in doing is awakening a sleeping giant.
When conservative Christians overreach like this, they end up losing power and driving away the youth. They've already been hurting themselves through their war on the LGBT community, and now they've declared war on women too. It is time to let the politicians and churches hear from us. Enough!

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