March 24, 2012

Reason Rally Today

Reason Rally

Are there valid reasons not to attend the Reason Rally today? Certainly. Attending was not a realistic option for me this year, but I support the cause and I hope that those attending have a blast and come away with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for the atheist movement.

Is it reasonable to complain about some of the speakers selected and how not all of them are paragons of reasons? Sure. But when was the last time you attended a large event where you were enthusiastic about every single speaker? I've never had the experience.

Would I have preferred an atheist rally to a reason rally? Definitely. Maybe that can be the next one. And I wouldn't have been able to go this year anyway so there wouldn't be much sense in complaining about it.

None of the various complaints need to detract from the Reason Rally. Those in attendance today are participating in an important historic event. They can have a great time even if they don't care for every single speaker. Those of us who can't go or who are less than thrilled with some aspect of this event can hope for something slightly different next time (or even do something to make it happen).

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