Pat Robertson Supports Legalizing Marijuana

pat robertson

Pat Robertson is many things, and most of them are not what I'd consider positive. Not only is he a real Christian, but he's a highly influential leader among evangelical fundamentalist Christians. No matter what he has said over the years, his followers have not deserted him. Not when he claims to receive warnings about terrorist attacks from his god, not when he compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia, not when he told a Christian caller that she had to dump her atheist boyfriend, and not when he blamed the Haitian people for the earthquake that destroyed their homes. Even though Robertson received some complaints after he suggested that a man should divorce his wife because she was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, his followers stayed with him. But he may have finally gone too far.

It seems Robertson had a rare moment of clarity during which he expressed his support for legalizing marijuana. He initially floated the idea of decriminalization back in 2010 but stopped short of legalization. But he's now expressed support for legalizing marijuana on his 700 Club television show (yeah, I didn't know it was still on either). Will this finally be the end of Robertson?

I'm assuming he'll be pressured to recant. They'll demand some lame excuse about how he didn't mean it. If he doesn't take it back, it seems likely that many of his followers may finally abandon him. In a strange way, that would be unfortunate because he's finally right about something. I suppose it had to happen eventually if we were willing to wait long enough.

One of the stranger arguments I have heard against the legalization of marijuana (and other drugs) is that drug use leads people away from Jesus. Not surprisingly, evangelical fundamentalist Christians like those who support Robertson are the source of this argument. It always makes me wonder why the god in which they believe would have created plants like those that produce marijuana if this was a concern. Anyway, this will be the sort of thing Robertson may soon find himself up against.