I Live in a Bubble

I live in a bubble. It is a bubble of my own making, and I find it quite comfortable. I read books on atheism, skepticism, and political perspectives with which I mostly agree. When I'm not writing about scientific matters for my job, I'm writing about atheism and related topics here. I get my news from a few different sources but none of them are blatantly biased in a conservative direction; some are certainly biased in a liberal direction. Even the few TV shows I watch purely for entertainment seem more likely to adopt a skeptical view of things than a religious view.

In real life, I am surrounded by conservative Christians. My bubble is my sanctuary, not in the sense of being sacred but in the sense of being a refuge. I suspect that the primarily reason I have structured my online existence so that I am surrounded by atheists is that I encounter so few in real life.

My concern is that my bubble can lead to be becoming increasingly disconnected from my actual surroundings. That doesn't seem healthy. In fact, I'm not sure it is any healthier than the bubble in which many religious believers reside. Recognizing my bubble is a start, but what I really need to do is step outside of it more often. If I did that, maybe I'd feel somewhat less horrified when I did. On the other hand, it is that shock I experience that tells me I'm still marginally sane.