March 27, 2012

Doing Something New for Atheism

Atheist SymbolThe Reason Rally may be over, but I have a feeling that the "spirit" of the event is going to live on among those who were there and those of us who they inspire. Could there possibly be a better reason to hold events like this?

Greta Christina was clearly inspired by what she experienced at the Reason Rally, and she's come up with a simple but powerful suggestion for every one of us, whether we were able to attend the rally or not. To those who attended the rally, she says:
If you came to the Reason Rally, and you do just one thing for atheism that you haven’t done before? If you tell one person that you’re an atheist? If you start wearing atheist T-shirts? If you start crossing “In God We Trust” off your money? If you start hanging out with your local atheist group? If you organize one event with the local atheist group you already hang out with? If you donate money to one atheist organization? If you run for public office as an out atheist? If you start re-tweeting things about atheism?

If you do just one thing for atheism that you haven’t done before… this movement will be radically changed.
And for those of us who were unable to attend the rally:
Think of just one thing that you’re not already doing for atheism. And do it.
I accept Greta's challenge. I agree to identify something I am not already doing for atheism and begin doing it. Now I just need to decide on my one thing and then have the courage to follow through with it.

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