March 22, 2012

Dawkins as 'Most Respected Figure in Atheism'

I was just looking through some articles about the Reason Rally because I was curious to see what the corporate-owned media was saying about it. Dan Merica's article at CNN's Belief Blog caught my eye because of the title, "Atheist rally billed as 'coming out' moment for nonbelievers." I was curious what you thought about the following claim from Merica's post:
[Richard] Dawkins, who is widely regarded as the most respected figure in atheism, is lending his voice to this event because he says freedom for atheists is “constantly under threat from people who would like to turn this country into some sort of a theocracy.”
In all honesty, my initial reaction was that if Dawkins is really the most respected figure in atheism, we might be in trouble. I respect him for his scholarship in biology, and I have enjoyed the few of his books I've read. And while I think it is great that he'll be at the Reason Rally, I suppose it surprised me to think of him as the most respected figure in the atheist movement. Then again, I'm not sure who would be.

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