January 20, 2012

Republican Voters Reject Perry

Rick PerryI don't often get to reflect on how proud I am of the American people. And it is even more rare that I get to experience strong positive feelings toward Republican voters in particular. And yet, the news that Rick Perry finally dropped out of the Republican primary does indeed leave me feeling good about Republican voters.

Yes, I realize that Perry was not any worse than most of those still in the race in terms of policy. And yes, I do realize that Santorum might be even more of a theocrat than Perry. But Perry was a moron in the way the others simply couldn't accomplish. In the debates, he made Bachmann and Santorum look good. I didn't think that was possible, but he managed to pull it off.

I know some Republican voters still like Perry, but at least they decided that they could not support his candidacy. I like to think this was at least in part because they recognized that he was a moron. I know, I know. George W. Bush was a moron, and they elected him. But Perry managed to make Bush look like a scholar, and I think Republican voters might have recognized this.

So for this brief moment in time, I am going to be proud of Republican voters. They got one right. Now I just feel bad for Texas.

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