January 8, 2012

Mississippi Seeks to Establish Legislative Prayer and Ministry Caucus to Promote Biblical Worldview

I want to share a bit about what we're going to have to deal with here in Mississippi. Senate Concurrent Resolution 505 seeks to establish a "legislative prayer and ministry caucus." Here is how the proposed legislation describes the goal of the caucus:
…to encourage, train and support legislative leaders in every field who believe in the power of prayer and ministry, and to highlight the vital role that prayer and Judeo-Christian principles have played in the history of our Nation and our state in strengthening the fabric of our society, at all times consistent with the progress of our state...
Doesn't seem like it could possibly be constitutional, does it? For the first time since Reconstruction, the Republican party controls all branches of government in Mississippi. This appears to be the sort of thing they have in store for us.

I note that this resolution makes specific mention both to "Judeo-Christian principles" and explains that one of the goals of the caucus will be "to provide educational material needed to form and live life according to a Biblical world view." Unless I'm missing something, this appears to be a blatant violation of church-state separation.

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