January 21, 2012

FFRF to Support Brave Atheists in Need

FFRFThe Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) offers a few different scholarships and awards for deserving students and others who contribute to the atheist community. These include essay competitions, student activist awards, and awards for activism and achievement given at their conventions. They have just announced the creation of a new fund, which will be dedicated to granting scholarships and other assistance to "persons who exhibit bravery in furthering the cause and experience hardship because of that stand." The new Atheist in Foxholes Support Fund sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

According to FFRF co-president Dan Barker:
With the help of its membership, FFRF will create and replenish the Fund to increase its support, especially for young persons who take a stand in support of freethought or state/church separation, and are punished for that stand.
Obviously, receiving a bit of money from the FFRF cannot exactly make up for the fear one may experience in the face of religious hatred. But this kind of support can help the recipient move on with their life and may ease some of the financial hardship that can come from standing up against a popular violation of the law.

The FFRF has announced that Jessica Ahlquist will be the first recipient of an award from this fund. I think she's an excellent choice, and I'm happy to see her receiving support.