Idiot of the Week: Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Convention

Lots of idiots to choose from this week. I was sort of hoping they might take a break in honor of their holidays, but no such luck. Initially, I was going to go with Rep. Allen West (R-FL) for comparing Democrats to Nazis and suggesting that left-wing propaganda is a serious problem. Evidently, Rep. West has never heard of Fox "News." But that seemed too easy.

This week's "honors" go to the Southern Baptist Convention for finally admitting that they oppose religious equality in the military. In an article titled "Air Force Academy dogged by anti-Christian pressure," which appeared in the Convention's news outlet, the Baptist Press (update: link no longer active), Erin Roach condemns the Air Force for accommodating persons with non-Christian beliefs. For Southern Baptists, no other religions should be respected or even tolerated.

The article quotes Chaplain Maj. Darren Duncan as saying that the Air Force seeks to accommodate persons of all religious beliefs, including atheists. Not surprisingly, this is a problem for many Southern Baptists. They see anything other than Christian domination to be persecution.

Roach devotes much of her article to attacking Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. She quotes Mike Routt, a pastor of a Baptist church in Colorado Springs, as saying the following of Weinstein:

He even says the Constitution is to guarantee both freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

The horror! Clearly, many Southern Baptists are threatened by the prospect of religious freedom. They seek domination and are not interested in extending the respect to other groups they demand for themselves.