October 9, 2011

Romney is Still Not a Real Christian

Mitt RomneyThe big news from the Values Voters Straw Poll seems that evangelical Christians still haven't gotten over the fact that Willard "Mitt" Romney does not share their religion. Is anybody really surprised by this? One speaker, Pastor Robert Jeffress, called Mormonism a cult and Romney a "non-Christian." I suspect many of these folks are going to have some tough decisions ahead, as Romney probably has the best chance of beating Obama in a general election.

Among evangelical Christians, Mormonism has long been viewed with suspicion. In many ways, this reminds me of how evangelical Protestants used to (and among some here in Mississippi, still do) view Catholics. Of course, the difference is that most of the Protestants I've encountered would not go so far as to suggest that Catholics are not Christian.

From my perspective, Mormonism is no more or less cultish than Catholicism or the various Protestant denominations. If it seems more cult-like to some, that is probably because they are unfamiliar with it. And it is precisely because they are unfamiliar with it that evangelicals are up in arms about Romney. They are not sure they can trust him; they are not sure he is one of them.

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