September 6, 2011

Vatican Asks Muslims for Help in Opposing Atheism

Christians and MuslimsSecular News Daily had one of those hard-to-believe stories last week that caught my attention. Evidently, the Vatican published a letter from Cardinal Tauran addressed to his "Dear Muslim friends" during Ramadan in which he called on Muslims to unite with the Catholic Church to You can read the short letter at

In the letter, Cardinal Tauran describes Christians and Muslims as facing "the challenges of materialism and secularisation" and notes that they are both "too often witnesses to the violation of the sacred." He also makes reference to a shared duty to indoctrinate the young in superstition.

As bizarre at it sounds, Tauran seems to view Christians and Muslims as persecuted by the evil secular hordes to which you and I proudly belong. I didn't realize we had the kind of power. Did you?

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