September 9, 2011

My Target Audience

TargetA blogger should have a target audience in mind when he or she writes. When I started Atheist Revolution back in 2005, I gave almost no thought to the identity of my audience. I was writing for myself and whoever else wanted to come along for the ride. I made few assumptions about my readers, and I did not have a clear target audience in mind.

I wrote some early posts as if they would be read by religious believers, and I wrote others for a general audience of theists and atheists. However, most of what I have written has been aimed at atheists. This includes those content to identify themselves as atheists and those who have still not been able to accept that they are atheists.

If you ask me today about my audience, I'd tell you that I still write for myself but that my target audience includes atheists and those who are curious about atheism. This is not the blog I would write if my primary goal was to persuade religious believers to face reality. That blog might be fun to write too, but it would be very different from this one.

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