September 24, 2011

Idiot of the Week: State of Georgia

We've got ourselves a real idiotfest this week. What else would you expect in a week where there was another Republican debate? Still, I'm going to do something different today and feature some groups rather than individuals. Here are the highlights:
  • Bay Minette, Alabama is giving non-violent offenders the chance to get out of jail if only they attend church. while I certainly agree that church is punishment, states are not supposed to be in the business of promoting religion.
  • The state of Georgia murdered Troy Davis even though there were far more questions than answers about his guilt.
  • The San Diego City Council gave taxpayer money to support a local evangelical event, violating California's constitution.
  • CNN dignifies the absurd idea that people are visited by ghosts of deceased loved ones with uncritical coverage.
  • The American Family Association is upset with Ben & Jerry's newest flavor of ice cream.
Troy DavisAs far as I'm concerned, the state of Georgia is the clear winner here. I say that not just because I oppose state-sanctioned murder, which I do. I say it because they stubbornly refused to stop their execution in spite of all the questions about Davis' guilt. Georgia decided that they would rather protect the illusion of justice, even if it meant killing an innocent man. I also say it because the stakes couldn't be any higher (i.e., life and death). This is idiocy with real consequences.

There are good reasons why most of the civilized world has abandoned state-sanctioned murder. Why the U.S. clings to this cruel and unusual punishment is beyond me. And yet, I cannot help thinking that it has something to do with the fundamentalist Christianity that flourishes here like flies on excrement.

H/Ts to Friendly Atheist and The Lucky Atheist.

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