September 3, 2011

Idiot of the Week: Michele Bachmann (Yet Again)

BachmannAs much as I've tried to avoid simply rotating idiot "honors" between Bachmann and Perry, I lack the willpower to keep them off limits. And when Bachmann said that her god sent Hurricane Irene to "get the attention of politicians" and then tried to walk it back by claiming she was joking, I realized I had no choice but to designate her as this week's idiot-in-chief.

Bachmann's original claim about her god sending storms was not particularly surprising. She's known to be a Christian extremist, and other Christians extremists frequently make such claims. Bachmann is no moron, and she was deliberately targeting her base with that comment. She knows full well that what sounds idiocy to the reality-based community is music to the ears of her deluded base.

If her comment about her god sending a hurricane was all there was to it, I think I could have ignored her. But what really got me was the absurd claim that she was only joking. With Bachmann's history, record, and previous statements, we know that her original claim was perfectly consistent with her belief system. She can't really expect anyone to believe that she was joking, can she?

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