September 28, 2011

Check out the Secular Video Network

I received the following announcement and thought it was worth sharing:
I wanted to let you know about an exciting secular project I’ve been lucky enough to help launch with my two friends who are student atheists, like myself. It’s called the Secular Video Network, and is a collection of video resources for the secular community. Topics include atheism, skeptical inquiry, science, politics and other topics you’re used to hearing about from atheist youtubers. The site features a user-wide synced video playback (just as TV would have) but also a chat for the sake of discussion. So far content includes videos from Richard Dawkins, Mr. Deity, the Secular Student Alliance, Aronra, the Thinking Atheist, and is expanding and diversifying quickly.
I look forward to seeing what this new site will bring to the atheist community.

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