August 18, 2011

Mabus Suspect to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

If you follow me on Twitter, you are already well aware that the Montreal Police made an arrest in the Mabus case. They have not revealed the identity of the person they have arrested, but I think it is safe to assume that it is Dennis Markuze. According to the Vancouver Sun, police say that the suspect will soon undergo psychiatric evaluation. This is certainly good news.

We do not know how the Markuze story will end, but it sounds like the authorities will investigate the possibility of mental illness. At a minimum, I expect that this psychiatric evaluation will assess Markuze's mental health and competence to stand trial (i.e., is he sufficiently coherent to know what is happening and assist his attorney in his defense?). Depending on what the court thinks, they may also evaluate his sanity at the time of the alleged offenses (i.e., at the time he allegedly sent the electronic communications, did he appreciate the nature of his actions and know that they were wrong?) and his potential for future dangerousness.

For the most comprehensive summary of the Mabus saga, see this post from Skeptical Software Tools.

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