July 10, 2011

To the Facebook Fans

Facebook like butonOver 2,000 people on Facebook have indicated that they like Atheist Revolution. Thank you! I wasn't sure what would happen when I created an Atheist Revolution fan page on Facebook, but a wonderful community has built up around this blog on Facebook. Not only have you brought more traffic to the blog, but you've inspired many posts and helped me think about many subjects in different ways. Very cool!

There is one quick thing I want to explain since I have seen a few complaints on the Facebook page that makes me think there might be some confusion. I have the Facebook page configured to automatically update with posts from the blog. This means that everything I post on the blog goes to Facebook.

Atheist Revolution addresses many topics, as it was never my intent to focus on atheism 100% of the time. For example, the blog has long had a political focus too. My goal has long been to address subjects closely related to atheism at least 80% of the time and allow myself to branch off into subjects such as politics, the media, blogging, etc. in up to 20% of my posts. I hope that has cleared up any confusion and will let you make an informed choice about whether you want to remain a fan.