July 27, 2011

Reader Seeking YouTube Atheists for Book

A reader, Doug, has asked me to pass along the following request. I thought some of you who are active on YouTube might be interested.

Well my goal here is to get the word out from the YouTube community involving very well known YouTube atheists. I will be writing a book quoting and sometimes writing word-for-word from YouTubers videos, which I have already gotten permission to do. Many out there not only have awesome videos, they also say so much more. They tell everyone how most if not all atheists feel about God and religion altogether.

I will also have a Q&A session where I will ask Christians questions they feel atheists cannot or will not answer. This will be a book written by a former devout Christian who did his research and found no reason to waste my time or life believing in fairytales again. I have also interviewed larger Christian companies using the same question as I asked YouTube Christians. Any and all atheists are welcome to give an opinion for the book regarding their own experiences be they bad or good. This will be a book for all those who do not have the answers and may be afraid to ask or reveal themselves to friends or family as an atheist.

Those wishing to send their personal stories regarding leaving religion and belief, and using common sense and reason can do so at http://facebook.com/atheisteatsgod.

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