Fox News Facebook Page Full of Death Threats Against Atheists

Fox NewsIt is no secret that many people do not particularly like atheists, and at least in the United States, this seems to be especially true when it comes to conservative Christians. Opinions differ on the question of why this is the case, but few would disagree that it is the case.

It now appears that many Fox "News" viewers were upset by the recent appearance of American Atheists' Communication Director, Blair Scott, on America Live with Megyn Kelly. Many of the outrage Fox viewers decided to express their anger by calling for the death of atheists on the Fox News Facebook page. If you have ever doubted the hatred and violent impulses many Americans feel toward atheists, view the screen capture of what the Facebook page looked like before it was scrubbed.

You know, I'd be willing to bet that more than half of the people leaving these comments are Christians who do not consider Anders Behring Breivik a "true" Christian.