July 10, 2011

Christian Extremists Threatening the Lives of Critics

There is a very disturbing post at PoliticusUSA about journalists, musicians, and even average citizens receiving death threats from Christian extremists that I recommend reading. An excerpt:
In California, a reporter awoke to the sound of breaking glass and shouts of, “USA, USA” and “fucking traitor” for writing a column criticizing the city for spending tax dollars on firework displays instead of assistance for homeless veterans. The same young man wrote an opinion piece criticizing local churches for campaigning against same-sex marriage, and within a week of the commentary returned home from work to find signs on his yard ordering him to “obey your god” and “pray or die.” The writer has since moved to a different neighborhood where last month a letter arrived telling him there was nowhere he could hide that “god’s soldiers won’t find you.”
I know it is not fun to think about this stuff, but it is important that we do not neglect our safety. This is especially true for those of us living in the United States where 3 in 10 of our neighbors believe that the Christian bible should be taken literally, the same bible that instructs them to kill us.

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