June 28, 2011

Thank You to All Atheist Parents

ParentingI am not a parent, and it is not in my future to be one. And yet, I have so much respect and admiration for the atheist parents out there that I have difficulty putting it into words. By raising your children to think for themselves and choosing education over indoctrination, you are leaving a lasting impact on our world, one which will benefit us all. It isn't that you are creating future generations of atheists; it is that you are doing what you can to equip your children with the tools they will need for functioning in the real world. And knowing the many challenges you face along the way, I am truly in awe of you.

While atheist parents are teaching their children how to think critically, exposing them to the value of skepticism, and promoting reality-based morality, something a bit different is going on in many other households. Some parents are content merely to deliver their children to their local churches and hope for the best. Others hope to create carbon copies of themselves, complete with all their prejudices, fears, and the like.

Parents in the Tampa, FL, area will have another option this summer in the form of a new summer camp run by the Tampa 912 Project, a Tea Party group. This camp is designed to teach children two important lessons that will help them grow up to be good Republicans:
  1. Believe in Jesus.
  2. Selfishness is good.
When I see things like this, I am even more grateful to the many atheist parents working tirelessly to inoculate their children against idiocy.

H/T to Think Progress

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