June 18, 2011

Michele Bachmann is Not a Moron

Michele BachmannI know, I know! I have repeatedly characterized Michele Bachmann (R-MN) as an idiot. Even though I never meant to imply that she was stupid, I see how what I wrote could have been read this way, and I was wrong. Very wrong. Michele Bachmann is not a moron; she's actually rather smart. Yes, I am serious.

Those who know Bachmann, including her political enemies in Minnesota have an important message for the rest of us: do not underestimate her.

According to an excellent profile of Bachmann by Michelle Goldberg:
Her ideological radicalism should not be mistaken for stupidity.
After watching the last Republican debate, I will not make this mistake again. Bachmann seems genuinely crazy because we are not part of her Christian extremist clique. What often seems like wild gibberish to us makes perfect sense to them. And above all, she knows what she is doing.

An example of how Bachmann's apparent gibberish is actually quite meaningful was evident in the recent debate. When discussing President Obama's Libya policy, Bachmann said something about us being "the head and not the tail." This was a coded message for her fellow Christian extremists.

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