June 17, 2011

Lessons From CNN's Belief Blog

cnn belief blogDan Gilgoff, the Religion Editor for CNN.com, compiled an interesting list of 10 things he and his staff learned during their first year of writing CNN's Belief Blog. I suspect you'll find the entire list worth a look, but I can't resist highlighting two of the lessons as being especially relevant to atheists:
2. Atheists are the most fervent commenters on matters religious.
This one doesn't surprise me one bit. I know many of us were disappointed to see CNN devoting so much time and effort to myth and superstition. It makes sense that we'd have something to say about it, particularly when they often choose not to address it objectively.

I suspect the main reason atheists have been vocal on CNN's blog concerns how they have chosen to cover religion. Just because many people believe some sort of religious drivel does not make it valid. One would hope that a news organization would objectively cover what people believe without endorsing false beliefs. While the Belief Blog does indeed post something from a reality-based perspective on occasion, it isn't the norm.
4. Most Americans are religiously illiterate.
Research has already supported this, but it was nice to see that those involved with CNN's blog noticed it too. That so many religious Americans cling to their fables and insist that they are crucial to their morality - without actually knowing what they say - speaks volumes about the plight of our nation.