June 30, 2011

Catholics Still Pushing Exorcism

ExorcismA couple of Catholic friends told me recently that the whole demonic possession and exorcism thing is merely an embarrassing chapter in the past and that nobody takes such things seriously these days. If only that was true! As I noted in a post last year, Roman Catholic bishops were insisting that we needed more exorcisms as recently as 2010. And now I learn from a recent article in the San Angelo Standard Times that exorcism is still alive and well. I understand why some Catholics would be embarrassed by this. I'm embarrassed by it as a human!

Given all that is wrong with the modern Catholic Church (e.g., the conspiracy of silence around pedophile priests, genocide in Africa due to the opposition of contraception in areas where HIV/AIDS is running rampant, and constant efforts to abolish reproductive and civil rights), it tempting to dismiss exorcism as somewhat trivial. But this would be a serious mistake.

The belief in demonic possession and exorcism has inflicted immeasurable harm on those suffering from recognizable mental disorders. That it could continue, even today, is inexcusable.