June 8, 2011

American Royalty

American RoyaltyOne of the explanations I remember hearing for the puzzling fascination with Princess Diana I observed among many Americans was envy of royalty. I dismissed this explanation as being ridiculous. But now that I've seen how the mainstream media has been groveling before Sarah Palin, I'm not so sure. And we're not blameless either. We've been giving this woman undeserved attention and publicity, turning her into a a very wealthy person in the process.

I realize that I've written plenty about Palin right here. Most of what I wrote was written when she was an actual candidate. I did so because I thought that the people needed to learn who she was, what she stood for, and what choosing her said about McCain. We were facing an important election, and I found the prospect of Palin in office to be deeply unsettling. I don't apologize for that. What I do regret, however, is that I continued to pay attention to Palin far after the election was over. I worried about her influence on society, and I was unable to resist mocking her idiocy. Still, I wish I hadn't done this.

Palin cannot survive without the media spotlight. She thrives on attention (even mockery) and would quickly sink into irrelevance without it. The mainstream news media is spending far more time on her than they are on the actual 2012 candidates, and all this does is ensure that she will continue to line her pockets. The corporations that own the news media have apparently decided that Palin is good for business and are determined to keep her around.

There is not much I can do about this by myself; however, I can try to stop myself from feeding into it. Should Palin actually run as a serious candidate, she may become relevant. Until then, I'm done with her. I have no interest in royalty, American or otherwise.

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