May 6, 2011

We are a Bunch of Jackasses

JackassOne of the more frustrating aspects of the human condition is that we can never truly know what someone else thinks of us. We can certainly choose to trust others, but there is always some aspect of doubt. I know what he or she tells me, but what does he or she really think about me? It is something we must least most of the time. Sometimes the veil is pulled back and we get a glimpse of someone's true feelings. What we discover is not always pleasant.

Regular readers of Atheist Revolution are undoubtedly familiar with someone who comments here under the name sbj1964. I have received many e-mail queries about this individual, mostly for making abusive comments. I have had to remind this individual repeatedly about the comment policy. And yes, I have had to delete a few of his comments.

This commenter has made valuable contributions to many discussions. Unfortunately, he also seems to become thoroughly unglued at times, misinterpreting posts or others' comments and verbally assaulting other readers. He generally apologizes for this after awhile, but that doesn't stop the pattern from recurring.

Here is what sbj1964 recently had to say about us on another blog (unedited):
I have been over At a blog called The Atheist Revolution they are actually defending Usama bin laden ! Bunch of Jackasses ! Need help in making these monkeys see he was a bad scumbag ,murder, mass killing died behind a woman's dress,and dose not deserve our pity ! If any of you can help smack them down HARD ! Please go to( the Atheist Revolution ,)and help them see what it is to be an AMERICAN !!!!!!
Forget for a second that nobody here has even come close to defending Osama bin Laden. We now know what one of our regular commenters thinks of us. More importantly, we know that he is willing to misrepresent what is being said here to bring even more trolls our way.

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