May 19, 2011

Rapture Watch: The Weather Forecast Says it All

Weather for the armageddonWith the rapture just a couple days away, the idea of looking ahead for a weekend weather forecast might seem a bit silly. At least, it might if I was planning on being magically vaporized on Saturday.

Instead, I'm planning to see a bunch of Christians making excuses for why their dire predictions turned out to be wrong yet again. I also know that this won't last long. They will have new predictions out quickly. They will assure us that they will be right next time.

Most of all, I'm planning to see many Christians scoffing at those among them who have made these predictions. They will try to distance themselves from the "end-of-the-worlders" as if their beliefs were any less absurd. And when I point that out, I'll be accused of not being sufficiently respectful.

In other words, I'm expecting life to go on as usual.

H/T to ichazz for the graphic

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