May 14, 2011

My Post About the Rapture Was Raptured


Shortly after posting "Are You Ready for the Rapture?" I was alerted via email and Twitter that the post had disappeared. I checked the blog, and sure enough, it was gone without a trace. I immediately decided that the post itself must have been raptured. I would soon learn that Blogger had experienced a fairly massive crash, preventing new posts or system access for roughly a day. I was informed that posts and comments made during a particular time frame had been temporarily lost but that they would be restored once the system was fixed. Nonsense! My post had been raptured.

I visited Blogger's status page and noted that it did not indicate that there was a problem. I knew it...rapture! Yes, Blogger's user forum did contain a clear and unambiguous report that the system was down, that they were working on a fix, and that all would be restored as soon as possible. I chose to ignore this because it clashed with my preferred rapture conclusion.

Sure, I could have admitted I was wrong. But who wants to be wrong? Clinging to my initial explanation and discounting the evidence that contradicted it made me feel better. I was right; everyone else was wrong.

As I heard from other Blogger users, I learned that they had experienced something that sounded a lot like my experience. Many had lost their most recent posts, posts that they published in the same time frame as mine. Perhaps their posts were raptured too. But that possibility made me feel somewhat less special, so I discounted it too. Maybe they were victims of some kind of Blogger crash, but not me. My post had been raptured.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning, logged in, and discovered that my post had in fact been restored. One might think that such compelling evidence - especially when considered alongside all the other evidence I had - would finally sway my "faith." Not so. It only strengthened my convictions. Someone or something was testing me, but my belief would prevail.

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