May 26, 2011

Improving Christianity

The Jefferson BibleWasn't it Thomas Jefferson who created a condensed version of the Christian bible, one that contained nothing but the words attributed to Jesus? It seems to me that The Jefferson Bible is the one that should be used by those Christians who insist that they have a personal relationship with Jesus. You know the sort I'm talking about - the Christians who claim that they are not even practicing a religion but are simply "Christ followers." It seems like this version would be all they'd ever need.

I have not read this particular version of the Christian bible; however, if I am correct about the nature of its contents, it seems like it would be a vast improvement over the original. By presenting only the words attributed to Jesus, Christians would have access to a much clearer idea of how they are supposed to live their lives without getting bogged down in so much of the cruelty, intolerance, and hatred that fills the pages of their bibles.

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