April 9, 2011

Idiot of the Week: Warren Community Church, Somerville, TN

Sommerville, TNI'm doing something a bit different with this week's award. Instead of going with the latest politician to say something stupid, I'm giving Idiot of the Week "honors" to a church. Warren Community Church in Sommerville, TN, is this week's idiot. I'm also posting this to give a shout out to Stop Baptist Predators, the excellent blog that brought the sad story of Warren Community Church to my attention.

Just what did this church do to set themselves a part from a number of deserving churches? According to Stop Baptist Predators, they have appointed Paul Williams as a trustee. And this is significant because Williams is known to have molested children while serving as a pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN.

As you can see, Warren Community Church's newsletter shows a nice picture of Williams surrounded by children, holding one on his lap. I didn't see any mention in the same newsletter than this man the church has decided to honor was involved in a scandal at Bellevue Baptist Church after it emerged that he was permitted to continue counseling victims of molestation even after disclosing that he had molested others. Bellevue eventually fired Williams under pressure.

If you were a parent at Warren Community Church, wouldn't you be interested in Williams' past? Evidently, the church does not believe it is relevant. I really hope they are right.

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