April 23, 2011

Idiot of the Week: Donald Trump

Donald TrumpIf the reports I keep hearing are even remotely accurate, it appears that Donald Trump may actually have a chance of winning the Republican nomination ahead of the 2012 presidential race. I want to say that he would have absolutely no chance of actually winning the presidency, but I cannot do so. After all, we elected Reagan and W (at least once). So yeah, President Trump does not seem as far fetched as it should.

As you have undoubtedly heard, the Donald has decided to embrace the "birther" meme wholeheartedly. Some have suggested that this is not idiocy but genius. After all, this meme will not die and a national candidate who uses it effectively is sure to win considerable support among conservative voters who remain skeptical about where President Obama was born. Perhaps Trump really is a master manipulator and is simply demonstrating that he will say anything to advance his political career. And of course, he may be running for entirely different reasons than the desire to win.

I prefer to go the idiot route in explaining Trump's behavior. I think this is because I have a stronger attachment to the truth than some people. One who manipulates others through intentional lies is not someone we should admire but someone to be condemned.

Regardless of whether Trump genuinely believes the birther meme or is merely willing to mislead gullible voters on the right, I do not see him escaping the idiot label. How he would govern is almost irrelevant if this is how he plans to reach the office.

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