April 28, 2011

I am Part of the Forces of Hell

demonsYou know the sort of hell about which some Christians fantasize so that they can picture anyone who disagrees with them being tortured there? Of course you do! You've probably been threatened with it by many a Christian just like I have. According to Christian extremist James Dobson, I am part of its forces. And you may be too!

According to Right Wing Watch, Dobson spent Monday's radio show crowing about the win in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the constitutionality of the National Day of Prayer.
One year ago on the National Day of Prayer, there was apprehension over the National Day of Prayer because this ruling had just been handed down. And then the Pentagon would not allow Franklin Graham to come ... it just looked like the forces of Hell were arrayed against this national prayer movement and yet the Lord has answered prayer and brought us through it.
So those of us who think that it is a big mistake for a secular democracy to promote religion are part of the forces of Dobson's hell. Value separation of church and state? You must be a demon!