April 30, 2011

Comment Voting Will Stay

I recently posted about some complaints I had received about allowing readers to vote on the comments left by other readers. I polled readers over the last week in order to get the opinion of regular visitors. The results of the poll were much clearer than I thought they would be: 76% favored continuing to allow readers to vote on comments, 16% expressed a preference for letting readers vote up but not down, and 6% did not want any voting at all.

What these results suggest to me is that a clear majority of readers find some merit in being able to vote on comments. I'll keep the system in place, at least for now.

According to Intense Debate, the purpose of allowing readers to vote on comments is that it contributes to the "reputation score" of each commenter. Persons who contribute valuable comments here and on other Intense Debate enabled blogs tend to have a high reputation score. Those who troll here or elsewhere generally have a much lower score. The system is not perfect by any means, but I have found some value in it.

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