April 23, 2011

Another Idiot of the Week: Bill Donohue

Bill DonohueDonald Trump may be an idiot, but he cannot compare to Idiot of the Week favorite Bill Donohue. Our pal Bill is at it again, and this is too good not to share. And by "good," I mean awful.

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue has made a name for himself by foaming at the mouth whenever he perceives the slightest insult to his Catholic employers. He's condemned anyone who has spoken out against the Church's efforts to conceal clergy abuse. In fact, he's gone as far as to insist that not all child rape is abusive! Like an enraged Muslim, he'll even go after cartoons! He's an obnoxious blowhard who has more than earned his multiple idiot awards.

Donohue once again deserves our attention for a recent appearance on Hannity during which he presented "evidence" that there is a "war on Easter." Yep, that's right. A war on Easter. I guess Mr. Donohue was craving attention. As explained by Think Progress, Donohue's "evidence" is fascinating. A fascinating example of idiocy, that is.

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