March 13, 2011

Will Display Problems Mar iPad 2 Release?

Apple iPad 2Amidst the disaster in Japan and the Republican war on working people in the U.S., Apple's release of the iPad 2 this week did not generate as much buzz as it probably would have otherwise. But iPad 2 is available now, and many of us who passed on the original iPad are taking a look at the sleeker, faster device. The review sites seem to agree that iPad 2 represents "evolutionary but not revolutionary" change over the first version. And yet, reports of display problems are starting to emerge.

Apple is no stranger to this sort of LCD backlight bleed. Some of the earlier iMacs had a similar problem, as did early versions of the iPhone 4. But I don't suppose their sales suffered that much.

Early adopters of technology products often pay a premium to be guinea pigs for the rest of us. I've certainly been in this position an embarrassing number of times. I know better, of course, but still manage to get caught up in the irrational desire for the latest gadget. With age, I find that I have gotten better about this. I even managed to avoid Apple's iPad.

If it wasn't for the hope that we might finally see a higher resolution screen in iPad 3, I might be looking at iPad 2 in the next few months. Of course, reports like this would make me hesitant to take the plunge. I suppose this is the price of striving to be rational.

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