March 19, 2011

Idiot of the Week: Jim DeMint

Jim DeMintIdiot watchers may wonder why Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) seems to escape my attention despite being a poster child for both idiocy and Christian extremism. That ends today thanks to @achura.

Sen. DeMint is one of these teabaggers in Congress who seems to make even some of the other Republicans uncomfortable at times. He gives Bachmann competition for all-out crazy but somehow manages to appear a bit more sane while doing so (probably because she's got the crazy eyes).

Anyway, DeMint wins Idiot of the Week "honors" for comments he made during an interview with the Family Research Council during which he told the host that there is an inverse relationship between the size of government and the size of his god.
Some are trying to separate the social, cultural issues from fiscal issues, but you really can’t do that. America works, freedom works, when people have that internal gyroscope that comes from a belief in God and Biblical faith. Once we push that out, you no longer have the capacity to live as a free person without the external controls of an authoritarian government. I’ve said it often and I believe it – the bigger government gets, the smaller God gets. As people become more dependent on government, less dependent on God.
As Scott Keyes points out on Think Progress, DeMint appears to worship a very different sort of god than the one described in the Christian bible and in which most Christians claim to believe. And yet, DeMint wasn't done yet. He would go on to insist that the success of democratic societies is utterly dependent upon his Christian faith.
You cannot have a free society that way. We’ve found we can’t set up free societies around the world because they don’t have the moral underpinnings that come from Biblical faith. I don’t think Christians should cower from this debate, should be told that their views and their values should be separate from government policies, because America doesn’t work without the faith that created it.
Frankly, I don't particularly care which god Sen. DeMint decides to believe in. I wish he'd keep it to himself since he is supposed to represent a much broader constituency than just fundamentalist Christians, but there is plenty of that to go around. No, it is the second of these statements that really earns him the win - the idea that democracy is somehow dependent on his god.

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