February 15, 2011

What Can We Do to Protect Physicians Who Provide Abortion Services?

AbortionI don't now about you, but I have a fairly strong reaction whenever I see a story about Christian extremists flirting with domestic terrorism involving health clinics that include abortion among the services they provide. I'm too old to quit my job, go to medical school, and become qualified to help ease the overwhelming demand for such services. Sure, I can donate to Planned Parenthood, vote for politicians who vow to respect reproductive rights for women, and challenge those who equate abortion with murder. But I often find myself wondering what else I can do to prevent more of the vile Christian terrorism that forces these physicians to live in fear.

I haven't found any answers yet. I see so many dismiss this as a rare phenomenon that is hardly worth our concern. I don't buy that. As an atheist, especially an atheist in Mississippi, I find it all too easy to put myself in the shoes of these doctors. I know what it is to be hated, even if I do not to have to endure what they do.

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