February 7, 2011

Obama White House Has Faith Advisory Council

Us whitehouse logoDid you know that the Obama White House has a faith advisory council? This post from CNN's Belief Blog introduces us to those who sit on this council but fails to address the important question: Why would a secular nation with a constitution explicitly promoting separation of church and state need any sort of faith council?

What is the purpose of this council? Can we assume that it exists primarily to advise the President (or someone in his administration) on matters of faith? And if so, why is this necessary? Are atheists represented on this council to offer a reality-based alternative to faith? If not, why not?

It sounds like this council started in 2009. It seems to me that this is something we should know more about. You know what else? It seems awfully hypocritical for our pundits to suggest that the U.S. should push Egypt toward a secular government when we do not seem to have one!

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