February 26, 2011

I Guess I'm the Idiot

You are the idiot ! You do not go far enough to condemn religion. Instead you focus only on Christianity. If you are truly and atheist as I am, you should condemn any religion that has a god. Do you not know that religions are the cause of all problems in the world? Look at the Islamists. 98 % of all riots in the whole world are caused by them. C'mon man be a real atheist instead of a namby pamby wannabee.
Family guy stewie chat total idiot black shirtHere we go again with the criticism that I don't spend enough time criticizing Islam. Seems like no matter how many times I address this, it simply doesn't go away. And now I'm accused of not being "a real atheist" because I focus only on Christianity (even though I don't focus only on Christianity).

To review, I am surrounded on all sides by Christian extremists, not Muslims. I was brought up in Christianity, not in Islam. I have studied Christianity, not Islam. I oppose all religion, and I write about much more than just Christianity. However, I focus on Christianity (and Christian extremism in particular) because it is the most immediate problem facing me, and it is what I know best.

Beyond that, the claim that "religions are the cause of all problems in the world" is absurd. All one has to do is come up with a single example of a problem not directly attributable to religion, and it falls apart. I'll take malaria. How does religion cause malaria? And 98% of riots being caused by "Islamists" - does that even deserve a response?