February 22, 2011

How to Introduce the World to Your New Blog

IntroduceIf you have ever started a new blog, you know that one of the biggest challenges involves getting the word out about it. You want to attract new readers, but nobody knows you. It will take forever if you just wait for potential readers to find you.

Consider announcing your new blog with an effective press release. Below you will find an excellent example in the form of a press release I received via email for a new blog, A Year of Sundays.

What makes this press release so effective is how it describes the goals of the new blog, tells us what to expect and how it will be different from what we are used to reading, and introduces us to the authors.

Remember this example the next time you start a new blog.

New Blog Reviews a Different Church Each Week

Portland, OR—Online humorists Joel Gunz and Amanda P. Westmont have announced the launch of a new joint blog project, titled A Year of Sundays (www.yearofsundays.com). The concept is simple: every week, the pair will visit a new church and then each write a report of their experiences, their crises and/or epiphanies of faith and, at times, the meaning of brunch.

Prepared somewhat in the style of a movie or restaurant review, their posts will cover aspects of the church visit including atmosphere, sermon delivery and, of course, service. The point isn't to evaluate theology or doctrine, but rather, the church experience itself. They also intend to look in on as wide a variety of faiths as possible. One week they may visit a Christian church, while the next they may visit a Buddhist temple, a Muslim mosque or a Mormon tabernacle. While their approach is tongue-in-cheek—even snarky, at times—the intent is serious. Their project is nothing less than a search for an authentic religious experience.

Westmont describes the blog as a “story about how every Sunday we force ourselves out of our comfort zones—because neither of us is even remotely comfortable in a church pew—together,” adding, “Basically, we're bringing you along on our weekly scheduled dates with God. Sure, it's a journalistic endeavor, but what you're really getting is a love story.”

The authors have one criterion in mind. As Gunz explains it, “Duke Ellington once said, 'If it sounds good, it is good.' That's the benchmark we'll use to evaluate every religious service we attend.”

The two admit to a jaundiced view of religion. Westmont is an avowed “lifelong church-phobic agnostic,” while Gunz is a “recovering Jehovah's Witness.” Thus, while they may have deep doubts about the existence of God, they are nevertheless on a quest for authenticity. Adds Gunz, “That may sound contradictory. Then again, so does quantum physics.”

As Gunz and Westmont chronicle their journey through the religious landscape, readers are invited to participate by commenting on the blog and recommending new churches to visit.

About Joel Gunz

As a professional journalist, humorist and advertising writer, Joel's bylined work has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and in The Oregonian, Commerce Magazine, Northwest Palate and other periodicals. He is author of exjehovahswitnessportland.blogspot.com and also alfredhitchcockgeek.com. The latter, which enjoys a large international following, has been dubbed “The best Hitchcock blog on the Internet” and has landed him two appearances at The 39 Steps on Broadway.

About Amanda Penelope Westmont

Amanda is seeking a publisher for her novel Gravy. She has also been a professional blogger since 2003, producing content for Disney Corporation's Family.com, as well as AlphaMom.com and ClubMom.com. With over a million page views, her personal blog, Mandajuice.com, has enjoyed wide success. Though she hates the term “mommy blogger,” she digs being recognized in airports.


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