January 30, 2011

A Reminder About the Comment Policy

I think it is fair to say that anyone who writes an atheist blog is going to experience some incivility in the comments section on various posts. During the life of this blog, some has some from the assortment of Christian trolls who become upset when we are less than receptive to their "good news." Incivility has also come from atheists who become understandably frustrated at having to hear this "good news" even on an atheist blog. None of this surprises me. What I have been less prepared for, however, is the incivility popping up in interactions among atheists.

After reviewing the comment policy, I'd like to remind readers that comments are expected to be courteous and avoid personal insults. Disagreement, debate, and argument are welcome. Unprovoked personal insults are not, especially when they include subtle (or not so subtle) threats of violence. Comments of this nature will be deleted, and repeat offenders will go into moderation.

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