Questions for Those Raising Their Kids Without Religion

school children looking out school bus

I'm not a parent, and I've honestly never had any interest in being one. If I was, I think I'd want to raise my children in such a way that they would learn about various religions, the arguments for various religions offered by their proponents, and the arguments against religion offered by atheists. I would hope that my children would grow up to be atheists; however, it would be important to me that it was their decision - made freely and in an informed way - rather than mine. This means that I would not attempt to raise my children as atheists.

For those of you who do have children, am I right in imagining that one of the biggest challenges you face would be the knowledge that children who are not brought up to be religious will likely be tormented at school for not embracing Jesus (or whatever mythical figure was preferred in their location)? If you are a parent who is raising your children without religious indoctrination, is this something with which you have struggled? If so, how have you resolved it?