January 15, 2011

2010 Was a Great Year for Idiocy

2010I never wrote an Idiot of the Year post for 2010 even though I have tried several times. When I look back over my Idiot of the Week selections for 2010, sporadic as they were, I found it impossible to select just one. As soon as I thought I'd settled on someone, I remembered another equally good candidate. Matters were complicated when I decided early on to exclude last year's winner, even though he has more than earned a repeat victory. So instead of picking an idiot of the year, I decided to do a brief review of what I consider to be the highlights of 2010.

Whatever else 2010 was, it was a great year for idiocy. There were plenty of old faces, but some interesting newcomers too. The TSA brought us public molestation in direct conflict with the 4th Amendment, while the Catholic Church continued to prefer more private molestation. Anti-Muslim hysteria swept the U.S., and Bill Donohue managed to prompt a rare special idiot alert. Perennial idiot and Christian extremist Mike Huckabee may be one of the more potentially dangerous idiots, as he continues to eye the presidency in 2012. But Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin both made strong cases, racking up multiple wins. Sharron Angle, currently in hiding while she plots her "Second Amendment remedies," brought us the train wreck sort of idiocy we have come to love. In fact, the entire Teabagger movement spawned some of the most memorable idiocy one could imagine.

I know that some of you won't be satisfied with this. You don't care how hard the decision might be; you want an Idiot of the Year for 2010.

McCainIf I absolutely had to select just one person, I think it would have to be Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). This would not be based on any single statement or event but on the man's massive deterioration since losing to Obama, culminating in his last stand against the DADT repeal.

I actually used to respect Sen. McCain. Granted, this was well before his run for president, but I used to regard him as a decent human being. Over the past few years, he has abandoned everything for which he once seemed to stand and has become a bitter shell of a man. In 2010, he completed his transformation into a symbol of bigotry and idiocy.