November 27, 2010

Idiot of the Week: The TSA

TSATired of hearing about the TSA yet? Tough. Outrage is exactly what is supposed to happen when our Constitutional rights are violated. And if the thought of being seen naked by TSA agents or having your "junk" groped doesn't bother you, just imagine it happening to your mother, a grandparent, or anyone else you don't think deserves the indignity of sexual assault.

The "porno scanners" and aggressive pat-downs are not making us safer. Those who ask whether having your genitals fondled by a same-sex stranger is a small price to pay to be kept safe from terrorists are presenting you with a false choice. Your odds of being injured in a terrorist attack are roughly equivalent to the chance that you will be struck by lighting. And the TSA has acknowledged that threats like the "underwear bomber" would probably make it through their screening undetected.

The current TSA screening procedures are a violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. If members of the Republican Tea Party truly care as much about defending Constitutional rights as they claim, I expect to see them take the lead on abolishing these procedures. And I'll be happy to join their efforts. We must not surrender our rights out of misplaced fear. Perhaps this could finally be the issue that brings Americans from both sides of the political divide together to pursue a common goal. I mean, it isn't every day I agree with Ron Paul.

Want to help? Here are some things you can do: